Key Features

Smart Dashboard

Submit your demands and get competitive bids from 3PLs and get your shipments in front of carriers, fast. have all the required information in one place Control access of your own private, curated dashboard to preferred carriers.

Live Tracking and ETA

Remove the element of surprise. Monitor entire flow and know where your carriers are and view estimated time of arrival to each location based on the real-time information


With shipment based tendering we give you the choice to set your target price and get competitive quotes as the 3PLs and carriers bid for your shipment

Shipper-Centric Analytics

Back up your exceptional service with numbers. Give customers access to self-service reports on stats like Total Shipments, On-Time Percentage, Total Spend, and more.

Chat Bot

Enhance your supply chain and logistics operations and deliver a stellar customer experience with AI Chat bots!. Get Real-time order tracking, Book deliveries and submit Feedback/Complaints.

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